Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn....Such a Paradox

Crunchy leaves. Candy apples. Azure skies. A hint of hickory smoke in the air. These are the images that come to mind when I revel in the thought that autumn is here. Today I just simply feel so euphoric when the temperatures reach a certain 70s loveliness and the skies just seem to burst with a blue color that I can't even describe. Today was such a day. I was driving to work with a new teacher and I was just in awe of the weather on the way. I rolled down my windows and just enjoyed the quiet symphony of the work of God on this day. And as the days get cooler, the leaves will start their show of all types of imaginable hues. As I became excited at the very thought, I couldn't shake another one: the leaves are DYING, not living. They are absolutlely loosing life, and slowing deceasing until they are totally changed. Why would something be so beautiful, during a time when it should be gorgeous, be utterly depressing? I mean, what a paradox! They weren't that vibrant even when they were green. And to be vibrant is to be full of life. Then I was struck with another thought: when I die to myself, and totally surrender my way to God, it's in dying that I become truly alive. I become free. It's when I stop demanding my way, and take His instead, that I realize I've gotten a better deal. It's when I'm willing to trust His best that I'm experiencing something better than I had ever planned It's when I allow less of me and more of Him in my life that I finally "get it". And I wonder...what am I hanging onto that's preventing me from letting go and becoming transformed? Wow. I think I just had a God moment on a country road. Wow.