Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taking the Lead

So I recently learned how to rhumba and saumba....and I'm probably spelling that wrong, so I'll just chalk it up to showing my humanity. It was soooo much fun! However, it's a very humbling experience to learn to dance. I'm not a terrible dancer or anything. I've got pretty good rhythm for a white girl. I don't look like Elaine from Seinfeld. But I've got one main problem. I subconscious end up trying to lead. Yes, I'm the girl, I'm supposed to follow. But it's so hard when I think I know how the steps go, that I try to lean into my partner, and nugdge him in the direction I think he ought to go. Not such a good idea. Usually, it ends up looking like wrestling more than dancing. How much is my dancing like my journey with the Lord. I think I know where I should be going, so I take matters into my own hands, and I forget the rhythm. And when I forget the rhythm, I'm totally out of time with the song. And when I'm out of time with the song, the dance is not as beautiful as it was intended to be. My prayer is that I would wait long enough to listen for the rhythm before I step out of the dance God designed for me. Wow, what one can learn from one dance lesson!

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