Friday, March 21, 2008

Journeys and Travels

So as I write this new entry, I am reeling with excitement for tomorrow. I'm going out of town to see a dear friend. And I'm getting out of town. That's the beauty of holidays. They give you time to stop and actually notice the color of the sky above you. I am so blessed to have friends that I can visit and share my life with. And if I didn't already mention it......I'm getting out of town. Yes, I am a bit elated, but I haven't gone away for so long my luggage is getting tired of merely taking up a 2 x 2 space in my closet. I'm actually looking forward to the long drive, too. It can be very rewarding, given favorable circumstances that is. And as I pack tonight, I'm reminded of all the changes that have happened to my friends and I. All the struggles, the victories, the disappointments, the crazy nights staying up studying, even the practice jokes I played on my former college roomie. And you know what? She has never gotten me back! Oh well, she might when I visit her this weekend! It's amazing to step back and see how God has led me over so many roads. Sometimes we get so focused on grasping His blessings, that we don't take time to count them. It's been an amazing journey, and I look forward to making more memories with my friends. But even though we may become a little more mature, a little more knowledgeable of the world around us, when we sit around just chillin, a little bit of our former selves comes back to revisit, and I find myself being the gregarious college junior who's a little nervous about the future. Then I find that nothing really has changed. And I've gotta laugh at myself. What have I learned since then? Oh the camaraderie of memories that culminate in the presence of true friends. Ah, can't wait until tomorrow!

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