Friday, March 21, 2008


Bring down the idols that I’ve built
The little shrines that litter my past
Break the chains that surround my dreams
Show me the other half

Tear down my idols and my pride
Interrupt my world
Throw down anything I have
That I hold more dear than I should

Shine through the cracks
Blast through my façade
Take off the mask of my charade
Until You are my only God

Emblazon me with compassion
Tear my eyes away from myself
Burden me with what affects You
Allow me to rage battle against hell

Use me up like a candle
Burning at both ends
Make my life count for You
Until I have nothing left to give

Flush out the hidden motives
That bring shame to what I do
And tear the lagging stagnance
Out of my prayers I lift to You

Heighten my sense of Your presence
My touch of who You are
Until all the world fades away
Until I truly know Your heart

Shift my focus into gear
Placing my eyes on You
No longer am I drifting
For I’m planted in Your truth

Change my world and its entirety
Rearrange my destiny
Make things never seem the same
Until I’m what you want me to be

Launch me into an unknown
Stretch my faith as never before
Challenge the faith I claim to have
And open all the right doors

I lay down my dreams
I lay down my plans
Knowing that You’ll guide me
When I just don’t understand

My future do I give
My present and my past
I give to You my everything
As long as I may last
Because I’m holding back
I’m holding nothing back
From You.

2008 by Mary E. Mathias

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